Indian Human Hair

Hair care for any women is important as hair can speak volumes about the way the hair is taken care. Indian women have a slight longer hair traditionally though women with shorter hair are also more common in these modern days.

Here are some hair care tips followed by Indian women to maintain their hair:

- An oil wrap: An oil wrap with good massage would strengthen the blood supply to scalp. It could be slackening and promotes better growth of hair. Indian women usually apply warm oil before bed time and wash their hair next day morning. Although this is not a bad idea, allowing the oil to stay on hair for longer time helps better growth of hair.

- Shampoo: Even though shampoos are much popular, herbal products are more popular and good for hair. They do not damage, but cleanse the hair much more moderately. Hair must be washed or shampooed 2-3 times a week to avoid oily hair. Fenugreek paste can be used to treat dandruff and itchy scalp. Avoid frequent shampooing to avoid dry hair. They do use a conditioner sometimes to avoid dry hair.

- Combing: Always use a wide projection comb to comb your hair. Never comb wet hair as it may cause damage to cuticle of hair causing broken hair strands. Brushing the hair daily with a brush can excite the scalp to cause better hair growth.

- Trim your hair: A regular trim is absolutely necessary for healthy growth of hair. Even in case of long hair, split ends can cause stunted growth of hair. Trimming hair once every 4-5 weeks can make hair look healthier.

- For adding volume and shine to hair: Using egg or plain white yogurt (having the consistency of custard) to wash hair can add volume to hair. Just apply egg or yogurt an hour before washing your hair.

- Henna: Indian hair care would be lacking with out the mention of henna for hair. It is the most natural way to add shine and strength to hair strands. Also it can avoid conflicts or informality of hair. Using henna powder to make a henna paste to be applied to hair. Using henna once every one month for hair can be the best natural care than anything else.

- Diet: A balanced diet with barely sufficient nutrition is very essential for proper hair growth. A food rich in Vitamin B-complex and proteins are very essential. Eggs and cabbage are good sources of Vitamin B. Protein rich sources as nuts, milk, soya bean and shoot forth (Sprouted) beans should be included in daily diet. Supplements cannot be a substitute for a healthy diet.

Simple hair care tips would be just enough for healthy hair growth. Giving basic hair care isn't that difficult. Follow the simple tips given above to care the natural crown of your head!

Indian Human Hair is available in the colours of Dark Brown and Black, Grey, White and Brown. This is classified as Straight, Curly, Wavy and Silky. Indian remy hair is well known for its length and texture. A majority of the hair in the world is sourced from India.

In India, head tonsuring is a tradition and a symbolic gesture - surrendering one's ego to God. Devotees offer their hair to God for favors received and due to a religious belief, to show gratitude and respect. They go on a pilgrimage to temples to shave off their hair. It is not that men alone participate in this ritual; children and women of all ages shave their head. This is a practice in Southern India and some parts of the North.

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