Human Hair
Human Hair saturates (Soaks) up oil, so using hair mats in areas where there have been oil spills really helps clean up the mess. Hair mats are slowly gaining recognition for their many environmental uses around the world. They are currently produced more in China, but slowly gaining popularity in the other parts of the world.

Many environmental agencies focus on reusing surplus materials, those often considered waste, whether they are natural or manmade. You may be surprised, but human hair is a natural resource that can provide many environmentally friendly purposes. There are now companies and non-profit organizations selling and using human hair mats for gardening and cleaning up oil spills.

We can imagine how oily human hair gets after not washing it for a couple of days. It basically soaks up and absorbs oil, and the oil wouldn’t come out until you wash it with a shampoo or a conditioner. This clearly indicates that hair mats can be used in bodies of water to soak up the oil. This is beneficial for the environment, cleaning up the harmful oil, but also helps water animals and plants who are affected by oil spills.

Human hair has been commonly differentiated according to three conventional ethnic human subgroups, those are, African, Asian, and European. Lack of proper diet. Vitamin incompleteness is one cause of hair loss and eating a well balanced diet and taking vitamin that supply a deficiency, can help you avoid losing hair. Lack of protein which is an important factor in hair growth could result to hair thinning. It is not only good for your hair to eat the proper diet but good for your health too.

Human hair loses its softness and beauty with the growing age. It is nothing but a natural instance of occurring. But Human Hair more or less seems to be resisting boldly the law of nature. Stress could also effect hair loss. Severe stress may cause the hair to enter the rest phase for several months and slowly stop growing. To avoid this from happening; de-stress your life by getting regular exercise, have a positive attitude and get a vacation from your busy life once in a while.

As an example, the European group includes individuals with highly different observable constitution of an organism with regard to hair, eye, or skin color, ranging from fair Scandinavians to dark-skinned Mediterranean types. In addition, terms such as ethnic subgroup and race remain explicitly stated (being possibly cultural, biological, geographic, etc.) and in extreme cases may be identified as discriminatory.

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